Hello, and welcome to Eco-Sal! I am very passionate about helping reduce plastic waste and protecting our planet for future generations. 

It is so frequently in the news the impact that our plastic use is having on the planet and it's wonderful inhabitants and it is time for all of us to start changing our ways to help. Even by changing something small, we are helping.

Eco-Sal was set up to help. I sell a range of plastic-free, environmentally friendly products covering all areas of your day to day lives. The shop will be expanding as time goes by, so please keep your eyes peeled. Please also note that all packaging used is 100% recyclable and plastic free!

I also post helpful hints and tips on the Facebook page to keep your plastic use low and little ways in which we can all help.

Not only are all of the products aimed to help the planet and it's future, but I also plant a tree for every order placed in order to help combat issues connected with climate and mass deforestation.

Thank you so much for your support! If you have any queries about a plastic free life or any of the products on offer, please just drop me an email.