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Mother's Day - The Eco-Friendly Way

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

After the past year we've had with the Covid pandemic and having to distance ourselves from our loved ones, I think I'm not the only one who has realised the things that we have taken for granted - our mums included. I've also realised how priceless the small things like a hug can be. Although this year is another lockdown Mother's Day, there are lots of ways that we can make our mums feel special and appreciated from afar.

Another thing that has come about from the pandemic is the impact we are having as a race on our beautiful Mother Earth. This special day as a rule can be a wasteful time of year, but luckily there are a few things that we can change that allow us to spoil our Mums whilst also protecting the planet.

Mother's Day Cards

Did you know, that approximately 30 million Mother's Day cards are sent in the UK alone every year? To reduce the amount of waste, why not opt for an E-card or a face to face Zoom call this year? That way, there is no physical waste from your gesture.

If sending a physical card is essential, (which is totally understandable given that this year is another lockdown Mother's Day) go for one made from recycled materials or one that can be recycled after use. This will involve avoiding cards that have glitter and foil on them.

Choosing The Right Gift

When choosing a gift to spoil your mum, try to avoid plastic waste wherever possible. Whether she is eco-minded or not, you can always opt for eco products as a gift for her. Not only will you feel better for making the greener choice, but your mum might like the things you bought for her and it might inspire her to start making switches of her own.

If you are shopping online for gifts, check to see how the shops package their parcels to check they are a good fit with your plastic free ethos.

Eco Friendly Gift Wrap

Once you have found your perfect gift, you want to make sure that it is wrapped beautifully as a nice gesture for your mum. My tip for wrapping is to reuse what you already have first. I keep hold of gift bags and tissue paper that I receive from gifts, so I would first use this to wrap my own. If you don't have any to reuse, the best option is brown paper and paper tape, wrapped with some twine - this can then be recycled after use (or reused again if opened cleanly).

Experiences Over Physical Gifts

Mother's Day is a great opportunity to give the gift of quality time with your mum. Afternoon Teas and spa days make lovely gifts, or if there is something personal to her that you think she would like, this can sometimes mean more than any wrapped gift. Not only is it making important memories, but it also saves the waste of material items and wrapping.

Flower Bouquets

Cut flowers as a rule aren't the most sustainable. In order to get hold of different flower types that aren't in season in the UK, they might have to be shipped in from other countries which increases the carbon footprint. Not only this, but it's quite rare to find flower arrangements that aren't wrapped in plastic. If you want to send flowers to your mum this Mother's Day, ask your florist to only include flower types that are in season, and to wrap the bouquet in brown paper instead of plastic. If you want to go one better, send your mum a house plant instead of flowers.

These are just a few tips on how to reduce your impact this Mother's Day. If you are looking for some eco-friendly gifts ideas, head over to the Gifts page for inspiration.

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