100 cotton buds in a recyclable cardboard box. They are made from organic bamboo and are compostable after use.


Instructions: To use these safely, don't go too deeply into your ear as this can be detrimental to your ear health. 


Brand Story: These cotton buds are made by Eco Living. They are a company who are committed to doing the least harm to the environment by being carbon neutral and planting trees through Eden Reforestation Projects. All of their products are manufactured responsibly and are plastic-free and vegan.

Bamboo Cotton Buds

  • What does it replace and is it an improvement?

    In England alone, it is estimated that we use 1.8 billion plastic-stemmed cotton buds a year. We've all seen the picture floating around social media of the sea horse carrying around a cotton bud and it gives me chills every time. I hate seeing the effect our carelessness has on our lovely planet. 


    Bamboo cotton buds replace the plastic version so they are to be used in the same way, just they biodegrade when thrown away. As the nature of disposable cotton buds is that they are used for a very small amount of time and then put in the bin, there can be a bit of reluctance to spend a bit more to get an eco-friendly alternative as it feels like you're literally throwing money away. I can completely understand this as they do exactly the same job, however my conscience would prefer me to be slightly out of pocket and throw something away that isn't going to outlive me. So for personal piece of mind, I think they are worth the additional expense.

  • What is my review?

    These cotton buds work exactly the same as the usual shop bought ones so there isn't really a lot to say about them that isn't already common knowledge. It's just satisfying to know that what I'm throwing away isn't eventually going to be in a picture that goes viral on social media involving a sea horse. 

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