Compostable & 100% Biodegradable dog poop bags. Each box contains 50 super strong and durable bags (2 Rolls of 25 to make them a handy pocket size). They are dark in colour to hide any unpleasant sights. 


Suitable for industrial composting or dispose of as you would any other poo bag (see below).

Biodegradable Compostable Dog Poop Bags

  • What does it replace and is it an improvement?

    These poop bags replace the cheap plastic dog poop bags or the biodegradable oil-based plastic poop bags.


    They are made from 100% plant material (made from cornstarch) and have been EU Certified & tested fully compostable EN13432. 


    Not only this, but they also have a low carbon footprint as they are made with renewable electricity!


    Around 8 billion dog poo bags are used and disposed of each year which is a scarily huge number! Traditional plastic bags (and others marketed as ‘degradable’) could take many years to decompose, and when they do, they simply turn into micro-plastics which contaminate the environment.


    Swapping to these compostable bags would be a simple and sustainable way to reduce your plastic footprint without changing your lifestyle. If for any reason a compostable bag escapes into the environment, it will biodegrade slowly depending on how much oxygen is around, just like a twig does. Even if the bags are sent to landfill, they will break down in the same way as any other plant material. If the bags are incinerated, they will leave no trace behind, unlike plastic bags which release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere.

  • What is my review?

    My lovely four legged friend is a cat so unfortunately I don't have any experience using these. But I'm always a lover of anything that has a low carbon footprint and won't leave single-use plastic hanging around for thousands of years! Once they are a more established product and I have some genuine reviews, I will add these here for your reference.


    My (intial) rating: 7.5/10

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