These bags are made from 100% organic material so are plastic free and they have a reinforced base for no leaks so they are super strong!


These bags are just as strong and leak proof as plastic bin liners but will break down in 6 months if composted and slightly longer if in landfill.

Compostable Bin Liners 30 litres (25 bags)

  • Plastic bin liners are some of the worst offenders of plastic waste and this swap will save tonnes of plastic bags being sent to landfill and eventually ending up in the ocean. A lot of bin bags are marketed as ‘biodegradable’ but actually aren’t, and still contain plastic. However, these bags are truly compostable and meet certifications for industrial and home composting (EN13432). Approved for the council's food waste collection in the UK 🇬🇧


    This means if you are using them for food waste you can compost them at home or leave out for your council to pick up.


    If you cannot compost these bags at home don't worry; if they end up in landfill they will still have close to zero effect on the environment around them and will break down like any other organic matter.


    They are more expensive than the cheap plastic bin bags found in supermarkets and the high street, but whether they are worth the money is purely down to how you feel about single use plastics. My conscience personally won't let me use normal bin bags when there is a compostable option available. To make it a bit more manageable, I have reduced the price to £6.99.

  • These bin bags are a standard size for kitchen bins - they fit perfectly in my kitchen bin. The first one I tried ripped a little bit when I took it out of the bin, but that was user error on my part mostly. I'm not the most gentle person at taking the bin bag out of the bin. When I then did it properly the next time, the bag witheld the weight of my bin contents.


    I must say, it was so satisfying putting the bin bag out knowing that it wouldn't still be on the planet in 1,000 years time! 


    My rating: 7.5/10 - Purely because I'd love to go completely bagless, but that's going to take some adjustment. As eco bin bags go, I was impressed.


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