• 100% natural and biodegradable.
  • Plastic free
  • Vegan
  • Non scratch, durable and cuts through grease
  • Naturally antibacterial
  • Made using FSC Certified sustainably sourced materials
  • Ethically produced in Sri Lanka using eco-friendly practices
  • Once finished with, everything but the metal wire can be composted. The metal wire would be recommended to be recycled.


Brand Story: These brushes are made in Sri Lanka by Eco Coconut who class themselves as revolutionaries in the plastic-free world. They have won multiple sustainability awards including being awarded Number #1 Corporate Citizen for the 5th consecutive year, for the best Corporate Sustainability Awards in Sri Lanka.

Eco Coconut Dish Brush

  • The EcoCoconut dish brush is an alternative to the standard plastic dish brushes. They can also be used to help clean elsewhere around your home when you need something a bit scrubbier. 


    The first improvement for me in comparison to the normal kitchen brushes, is the material that they are made from. They are made ethically in Sri Lanka using coconut fibres which are biodegradable, non-toxic and completely plastic free! The metal used to bind the scourer is also 100% recyclable so you can be confident that when they come to the end of their life, the impact of disposing of them will be minimal. 


    As the fibres are naturally antibacterial and highly durable, the brushes tend to last longer and are therefore better value for money. To clean it, I put the brush in a glass of boiling water.

  • The brushes are easy to find and are nice and scrubby for the tougher washing up jobs (like after a roast dinner). They're non-scratch so you can relax knowing that your pots and pans are safe.


    I have had mine for a couple of months now and it still has a lot of life left in it, but please note, I have a dishwasher so only do the occasional bit of washing up.


    My rating: 9/10