These mouthwash tablets are made from entirely natural and non-toxic ingredients. The Fluoride, Glycerin and SLS free formula helps to restore a healthy pH balance to your mouth, maintain good oral health and freshen your breath. Flavoured with organic Peppermint oil, these eco-friendly tablets, that you add to water, are ideal for everyday use and travel.


PETA Cruelty-free & Vegan.


These mouthwash tablets are packaged in a refillable glass jar with an aluminium lid. This size jar should last 1 person 3 months using twice a day. Refills containing a year's worth of tablets will be available shortly.



  • Dissolve 1 tablet in 20ml of water.
  • Gargle for at least 30 seconds
  • Spit out without rinsing


Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate^, Tartaric Acid^, Citric Acid^, Mentha Piperita Oil*, Sodium Benzoate^, Colourings*^, Menthol^, Thymol^, Limonene*^. *Organic, ^Natural.

Georganics English Peppermint Mouthwash Tablets (180 Tablets)

  • What does it replace and is it an improvement?

    Georganics have strived to a create a natural, organic, cruelty free and plastic free mouthwash. Most commercial mouthwashes contain some pretty nasty chemicals like formaldehyde, sodium lauryl sulphate and polysorbate, all of which are toxic to aquatic life. What you don't accidentally swallow, just winds up down the drain and finds its way into our waterways, which are becoming increasingly toxic.


    Although the mouthwash tablets are a bit pricier to the normal bottled mouthwash we see on supermarket shelves, not only are you helping the environment but I think it's worth the extra money just knowing that you're putting a fully natural product into your mouth twice a day.

  • What is my review?

    As a rule, I don't tend to use mouthwash as I refuse to buy it in plastic bottles, so when I saw these mouthwash tablets I thought they were definitely worth a try!


    The tablets are easy to dissolve - just drop in 20ml of water and watch it fizz away. Didn't take long at all which is great if you're like me and get impatient very quickly!


    Taste wise, the peppermint flavour is strong enough to make you feel 'minty fresh' afterwards without giving you the burning sensation that I've had with other bottled mouthwash in the past. This is the best bit about this product for me! I used to hate this burning sensation - I used to have to get Listerine 0 alcohol one and even then it still burnt! 


    I will probably only use this before bed so will use 1 tablet a day. That means the initial jar will last me half a year which is great! When I start stocking the refill packs, these hold 720 tablets which will last 1-2 years depending how many times I mouthwash a day, and they can be put in the initial glass jar to reuse it. Am very impressed with these overall.


    My rating: TBC - 9/10

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