Simple Living Eco brings you a simple and effective, safer and cleaner laundry detergent sheet designed with sensitive skin in mind.



  • Fully dissolve in cold water so great for hand washing/cold washes
  • Perfect for taking with you when travelling.
  • Packaged in cardboard box so fully recyclable
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Simple to use
  • Concentrated so less CO2 emissions to make and ship
  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • Safe to use on delicate materials
  • Manufactured in Europe
  • Space saving in your laundry cupboard


    How to use:

    Simply pop one or two detergent sheets in with your load of laundry. The full box contains 60 laundry sheets and sample box contains 10 laundry sheets to try them out before committing to a full box.


    Manufacturer's suggestion:

    1 sheet- 5-8kg (small load)

    2 sheets 14+kg (large load)


    Available in both a plant fresh fragranced option and a fragrance free option.


    For use on stained clothing and reusable nappies, the manafacturer advises that stains are pre-treated before using the laundry strips in the wash. Check out the Stain Remover Bars from Simple Living Eco here!


    Brand Story:

    Simple Living Eco are a family run business based in the UK who strive to create an eco friendly, safe and effective laundry detergent sheet to replace the mainstream brands.  They wanted to create a product that's good for the planet and good for us, by being made of 100% natural ingredients and by being easy to use.



    Water, Coconut oil extract, Vegetable oil, Natural essential oil fragrance (Osmanthus) - Essential oil is not included in the non fragrance sheets

    Detergent Sheets for Laundry - by Simple Living Eco

    • These laundry sheets replace your standard laundry detergent such as Persil/Bold/Ariel laundry products which tend to contain plastics, dangerous chemicals & toxins.


      They are free from harsh chemicals and made from only natural ingredients (water, naturally derived surfactants from coconut oil, polyvinyl alcohol, natural essential oil fragrance) and come in fully recyclable card board packaging. In a nutshell, their impact on the environment is minimal!


      You shouldn't need to use a fabric softener with these laundry detergent sheets but you can do if you wish to. If you are looking for a natural fabric softener, white vinegar is good for this.


      From a cost perspective, these laundry detergent sheets will cost you £0.17 per wash whilst Persil Washing Liquid (57 Wash) for example is £9 in Tesco which works out to be £0.16 per wash. So it works out around the same as a mainstream brand.

    • The intial fragrance from the laundry sheets is divine! Once being used in my test wash, the clothes smelt fresh and clean but didn't have that 'normal' strong laundry Lenor smell which so many of us are used to. With a bit of adjustment, this can easily be forgotten about though as the clothes were nice and clean and the environmental positives for me greatly outweigh the need for the chemical clean smell.


      From an environment perspective, they are made from natural ingredients, they come in a cardboard box which is completely recyclable, they don't contain water so are a lot lighter to distribute than the big washing brands,  and they dissolve in cold water so can be used on a lower temperature. Also, as they are cruelty free and vegan, this is great for any animal lovers out there like me! 


      From an ease perspective, it's lovely not having to measure out laundry liquid as I usually always spill some. They're so easy to use, just pop one or two sheets in with your laundry. No mess! Also, they take up a lot less room in my cupboard which is great.


      My rating: All in all, I am very impressed with these! 9/10 (will be 9.5 when I'm used to not having the strong 'Lenor' smell I'm so used to).