Marli’s Tangled Tale takes you to the cool and green cliffs where Marli the Puffin lives with her soon to hatch egg until one day the excitement of the far away town visits in an unexpected way. As hope starts to fade her tangled tale takes a twist just in time for the surprise waiting for her back at home!


A positive, inspiring, beautifully illustrated true story about the problem of balloon releases with a happy ending.


Following on from the success of Duffy’s Lucky Escape, the first book in the Wild Tribe Heroes series,  Marli’s Tangled Tale is the engaging story of the relationship between the actions of humans and wildlife and the dangers they face in their own natural habitats. Marli’s Tangled Tale is perfect as a bedtime story or to share with your school or preschool. 


Stunning artwork captures the imagination of young readers and brings to life the very real threat balloons from balloon releases pose to our environment. Marli’s Tangled Tale shares a powerful message which invites children and adults alike to question their actions and the effects on our environment. With suggestions for alternatives to balloon releases and ideas for the future together with activities which reinforce the story, Marli’s Tangled Tale is a book which will inspire your own little Wild Tribe Hero to want to take care of nature and their environment by making changes to the world around them.


The Wild Tribe Heroes books have received personal letters of congratulations from Sir David Attenborough and Prince Charles who are both extremely concerned about the issue of ocean plastics and are doing everything they can to help raise awareness. The books have been featured on the BBC, in The Guardian, Mail on Sunday and Huffington Post as well as numerous local newspapers, radio and TV and also featured in international podcasts, blogs and press.


Suitable for pre-school children up to year 6.

Marli's Tangled Tale - Children's Book

  • What does it replace and is it an improvement?

    The Wild Tribe Heroes children's book range is not a replacement as such, but more a way to inspire the next generation to make more eco-conscious choices about the way they choose to live. 


    The books are printed in the UK using sustainable vegetable inks and FSC certified paper.


    The lovely author has also signed the books.

  • What is my review?

    These are a brand new product, just launched! I have a little bundle of joy on the way, but otherwise have no lovely little ones to review the books for me. Any reviews you can give me on your experience with these books would be greatly appreciated so that I can update this section for others. Just visit the Contact page to send me an email!


    Despite not having any little ones to try the books, I have read the books myself and I love how they are written for a younger audience. They give the information across but in a way that is light-hearted and not disturbing. I also love the bright illustrations and the information sections at the back of the book. Such a great way to encourage our next generation!


    My initial rating: 10/10



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