A refillable spray bottle that can be reused over and over. It’s eco-friendly and zero-waste but if you do need to get rid of it it can be cleaned out and recycled. 


These spray bottles can be refilled over and over with cleaning solutions to reduce waste - specifically designed to work with the Ocean Saver cleaning pods, but can be used for other cleaners also.


Instead of throwing away a bottle every time, you can just use the same bottle over and over. It’s the perfect addition to the OceanSaver cleaning solution which can be added to the bottle to create a whole new bottle of cleaning supplies without any of the waste.

Ocean Saver - Bottle For Life

  • What does it replace and is it an improvement?

    My personal preference would be to reuse bottles that we already have in use for the Ocean Saver pods, but I have had feedback that not many people have 750ml bottles in their stash at home as most are around 500ml.  


    Because of this, I have decided to stock these Ocean Saver bottles which are 750ml, to go with the Ocean Saver cleaning pods for those that need them. 

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