This is an all natural, plastic free alternative to normal sun cream that is made from only four ingredients: ​ Coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter and zinc oxide.


It is not tested on animals and has been tested to EU standards.


This suncream provides effective protection against UVA and UVB rays. ​Shade does not contain any of the ingredients in the HEL list, which are: Any form of microplastic sphere or beads; Any nanoparticles like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide; Oxybenzone; Octinoxate; 4-methylbenzylidene camphor; Octocrylene; Para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA); Methyl Paraben; Ethyl Paraben; Propyl Paraben; Butyl Paraben; Benzyl Paraben; Triclosan.


Although they haven't yet sought certification from the Haereticus Environmental Laboratory, they have not yet been able to find any research that claims the non-nano zinc oxide in Shade used is be damaging to coral or marine life. All of the studies point to nanoparticles as a threat. So although Shade as the manufacturer don't as yet make a 'reef safe' claim specifically, many people who advocate its use in the sea believe it is safe.


Available in a 15ml travel size tin for those 'touch up' moments.

Shade Sun Cream Tin - SPF25 (Two Sizes)

  • Most sunscreen these days comes in some form of plastic packaging. Some of these materials aren't able to be recycled due to being 'mixed'  materials, whilst those that can be recycled most probably aren't due to the nature of what's inside - for those that haven't tried to clean out suncream from a bottle, it's a right pain! 


    The priority of suncream is safety, so all of the ingredients that are put into them are primarily there to keep your skin safe, and the effect these synthetic ingredients might have on the environment isn't necessarily thought about. This problem has proven to be one of the causes of coral bleaching and the issues with the health of our reefs.


    Shade sunscream is only made with four natural ingredients, which makes it a more suitable option for those with sensitive skin. It is also packaged in an aluminium tin which can be easily reused or infinitely recycled. One other benefit of the tin is that no product is wasted - you can literally use all of it as it is accessible to you. 


    Suncream in the UK can vary in price. If you go for the bigger well known brands, you're looking around £5 - £20+ for 100ml-200ml of suncream. Shade as a tin of 100ml does seem to be a little pricier in comparison if you prefer to go for the cheaper options available on the high street. But, I think it is worth the little bit of extra money knowing that you can enjoy your holiday swimming in the sea without affecting the wildlife beneath you.  

  • I trialled this sun cream on my last holiday abroad which was a week long trip to Santorini for my mum's 50th birthday. I didn't take any other sun cream with me as I wanted to put all of my trust in Shade. 


    I wasn't disappointed. I used the suncream all over my body for sunbathing and topped up for things like walking into town for dinner. I didn't burn and for a typical 'English Rose' like me with very fair skin, this was a win! The tin still had loads left in it after my trip late last year so I have been continuing to use it this summer in the UK. 


    The consistency is a bit different to the common suncream we are used to. It is a bit thicker and less cream-like; more like a creamy paste so I'd say it was slightly less slick applying it, but once it is on your skin, I didn't notice it.  There isn't really a smell to the suncream either which I think is quite nice, but others might see the lack of fragrance as a downside.


    My rating: 8/10