Shower Blocks have created a solid shower gel bar that is designed to not give you that 'squeaky' soap bar feeling after a shower and will leave you feeling like you used normal shower gel, just without the plastic waste!



  • Naked shower gel - 2 bottles of plastic waste saved per Shower Block
  • Over 10% moisturisers in every Block for totally hydrated skin
  • Every Block you buy gives a shower to someone in need
  • No squeaky clean feeling normally associated with soap bars
  • Absolutely no animal based ingredients or testing. 
  • Totally paraben free
  • 96% natural ingredients
  • Handmade in the UK
  • Shower Blocks use RSPO certified sustainable palm oil. See more below about why they choose to use RSPO certified palm oil. 

  • Contains SLES (a gentler surfactant than SLS)


How to use:

This is a rinse off product for external use only: lather up, wash and rinse off. Rinse thoroughly with clear water if you get in your eyes.


Brand Story:

Shower Blocks are a small UK business that was established in 2019. Neil, the founder and maker has made it his mission to create a product that is as close to shower gel without the plastic waste as a number of people struggle with the drying effect of soap bars on their skin. They have fab ethics which I love, including donating to Toiletries Amnesty for every Shower Block sold. I was a little unsure of their use of RSPO palm oil at first as I was always of the understanding that this was bad, but after reading their statement on their website (summarised below), I think it makes sense for the environment.


Ingredients: Sodium Palmate*, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Olivate, Aqua, Glycerine, Parfum, Sodium Hempate, Caprylic capric triglyceride, Sodium Castorate, Sodium Sunflowerate, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Sodium lactate, Sodium citrate, Colour (Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Glycerin, Sodium Stearate, Sorbitol, Sodium Laurate, Sodium Chloride, Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate, Tetrasodium EDTA, +/- CI 77266, 74160, 51319, 21108), Coumarin, Limonene

*Sourced from 100% RSPO certified sources only.

Shower Blocks - Coffee & Vanilla Solid Shower Gel

  • What does it replace and is it an improvement?

    Close to 200 million shower gel bottles are purchased in the UK annually, with around 82 million of those not getting recycled. That's a huge amount of plastic for something that we essentially just wash away.


    These Shower Blocks are a plastic free alternative to shower gel, and have been designed to not give the 'squeaky' feeling that normal soap bars can leave on your skin. They are called the "Totally Solid Shower Gel".

  • What is my review?

    I was really excited to try these as hubby likes the soap bars that we use but he does miss his shower gel. First impression is that they smell very fragrant! The scents are all lovely, I couldn't tell you which one I like best. 


    As a bar, they lather up really nicely, and I can confirm that they do what they say on the tin and don't leave the dry waxy feeling that soaps tend to! Hubby is very satisfied with his new solid shower gels.


    My review: 9/10

  • RSPO Certified Palm Oil - Should we use it?

    It has always been very contentious about whether to use RSPO certified palm oil or whether to boycott it altogether.  Palm oil production has always been responsible for vast amounts of deforestation in some of the world’s most biodiverse forests, causing massive habitat loss and making the climate crisis worse which has caused it to become a swear word in the world of living more environmentally friendly. In 2004 the WWF were part of a group leading to the creation of the RSPO (Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil). 


    The RSPO has created a production standard that creates the best practices for the manufacture, sourcing and distribution of palm oil globally. The outcome of this is the creation of numerous sustainable palm tree farms, creating a circular economy in those areas. There is no deforestation associated with RSPO certified farming operations with many of those operations doing further work to develop and give back to the communities in which they operate.


    In reference to soap products, palm oil is extremely high in palmitic acid, a fatty acid that is key in creating a hard bar of soap. Other oils can contribute to a hard bar of soap (for example castile soaps are solely made of olive oil and are very hard), however the high palmitic acid content in palm oil actually leads to a longer lasting bar of soap too. This is where as a business, Shower Blocks started to compose the question on what the right thing to do actually is. A longer lasting product also means a product that is using up less resources overall.


    Palm oil is also extremely efficient on land. Compared to olive oil, palm oil yields 5 x more oil per hectare. In soap making, coconut is probably the closest, and yields only half what palm does. This isn’t a close race with a small margin of victory. The result of a high yield operation is one that contributes positively to sustainability, also logically leads to a far more effective cost price.


    Because of this, Shower Blocks have decided to use RSPO certified palm oil in their solid shower gel products as they believe it to be the most sustainable option for their product. I am in support of this statement based on the facts above.

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