• Made from just cotton, hessian and bamboo. The cotton and tough hessian layers sandwich the quilted naturally antibacterial and highly absorbent bamboo core.
  • Each sponge is approximately 11cm x 9cm.
  • When it is at the end of it's life, just cut it up and add to your compost heap.


Instructions: Just use as you would a normal washing up sponge. When you feel it's ready to wash, just throw it in the laundry with your regular load and finish by air drying, then reuse!


Brand Story: These none sponges are handmade in the UK by Tabitha Eve - a small business who strive to use all ethically sourced materials (organic where possible) and who try and recycle/reuse as much of their studio waste as they can. Their products are all 100% recyclable or compostable so have a much smaller impact on the environment.

Tabitha Eve Tough None Sponge

  • What does it replace and is it an improvement?

    The Tough None Sponge by Tabitha Eve is a plastic free alternative to disposable dish sponges. The main difference between the two is that the none sponge is a reusable version. 


    The general guidance on washing-up sponges is that they should be replaced at least once a month, if not every two weeks. That's 26 sponges a year. A pack of 10 kitchen sponges in Wilkinson's is £1.20, making the yearly cost £3.12 for 26 sponges. How long a none sponge lasts depends on how often you wash up and what you're washing up, but generally the rule is around 6 months per sponge making the yearly cost £10. My recommendation would be to use the Tabitha Eve tough none sponges for general washing up and to use an Eco Coconut Scourer or Dish Brush for the more scrubby jobs to help your none sponges last longer. 

  • What is my review?

    I started using these when I lived at my previous house which didn't have a dishwasher so I was using it at least twice daily. I had one on the go and one in the wash. Both of these lasted around 4 months and I was using them for scrubbier jobs like graters and roasting dishes. 


    I still continue to use them now I have a dishwasher, but where I only use them for the odd washing up job, I'm pre-empting them lasting a longggg time. 


    I love that they don't tend to smell, and that you know you're washing up with clean sponges as they're washing regularly. Plus, they have cute patterns on which makes the washing-up a bit more of a cheerful chore! 


    My rating: 9/10

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