Are you wanting to start making changes to live greener, but don't know where to start? Or are you already on your journey but stuck for ideas of what you can change next?


Having been there myself, I know how overwhelming it can be trying to reduce waste. This Ebook will become your new best friend (a.k.a your 'Eco-Pal'); packed to the brim with tips and tricks covering all the main sections of your lifestyle, from what you keep in your bathroom and kitchen, to parenting and cleaning. It not only gives you examples and personal recommendations for alternatives, but also goes through the process of how to make these changes quickly and easily. 


With 50+ pages of invaluable information in PDF format, you will transform your outlook on waste and live a more eco-conscious lifestyle. The ebook contains links to various product examples and relevant websites for inspiration. There is something in here for everyone, including budget friendly options and DIY recipes.

The Eco-Pal Ebook - Your Go-To Guide For Greener Living

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