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Natural hair conditioners mean one thing, good hair days are here to stay. You will find incredible smells and EXTRA moisturised hair, and of course, no animals harmed in the process! Amid the range of zero waste hair products, the conditioner is essential to helping you manage those locks while staying green. Can using conditioner cause hair loss? I am yet to see any evidence at all that conditioner alone causes hair loss. However, excessive or improper use of conditioner, such as not rinsing it out, may lead to buildup and scalp issues. Plastic-Free packaging and delivery From dull and damaged to silky smooth. It doesn’t take long for these 100% plastic-free conditioner bars to work their magic. They have definitely made my hair washing routine more pleasant, it’s no longer a chore. Some days I even look forward to it! With many other eco-conscious individuals already on their plastic-free journey, you aren’t alone here. It can take some time to find the right conditioner bar for your hair type. This is why I stock bars for curly hair and sustainable alternatives for straight or wavy hair types. All deliveries are sent plastic-free too! Stepping away from plastic waste isn't simply a kind gesture towards a healthier future for the next generations. It also means you can escape the synthetic ingredients often found in traditional conditioners. These tend to mask problems rather than heal damage. For example, silicone might give the illusion of healthy, shiny hair, when really it’s concealing dry and damaged strands. Natural Conditioner Bars Natural conditioners, on the other hand, are created to nourish from root to tip. Most of my shampoo & conditioner bars are handcrafted in the UK with natural ingredients like shea butter, argan oil and coconut oil. These eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty free conditioners deeply moisturise. Imagine a conditioner that repairs without leaving behind a layer of artificial chemicals! What Ingredients are in Conditioner Bars? Conditioner bars often contain ingredients such as vegetable oils, plant butters, essential oils, and natural emulsifiers like cetyl alcohol, which helps combine the oil and water-based ingredients while providing a smooth and conditioning texture to the hair. Cetyl alcohol also acts as a moisturiser, softens the hair, and improves its manageability, making it a beneficial ingredient in natural conditioner bars. Natural Liquid Conditioners For those who prefer liquid conditioners, there are sustainable hair care solutions too! Conditioner bars can be easily dissolved in boiling water and stored in reusable containers for a more “normal” application. And let's not forget the scents! From the relaxing aroma of lavender to the exotic scent of coconut, it's enough to feel like a spa day. A plastic-free, UK made conditioner is more than just an element of your hair care routine. It is a statement of love and respect - for your hair, your health, and the planet. Switching to sustainable conditioner bars, refills or organic beauty products isn’t a trend anymore. It’s mainstream. It’s never too late to explore eco-friendly hair care options that are kind to you and the planet. Goodbye plastic bottle!

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