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I have tried to think of the most eco friendly way that I can get your orders to you safe and sound. It's so frustrating when you order something plastic free online but it comes wrapped in a tonne of plastic! But don't worry, this will never be the case with your Eco-Sal order! 

It is very important to me that the packaging for your orders and the individual products aligns with my ethos of being a plastic free shop. 

How will your order be packaged?


At Eco-Sal, I try to repurpose as many boxes as I can before recycling them. I tend to reuse boxes that I receive/use personally and boxes that I receive from wholesalers, as well as getting boxes to reuse from friends, family and neighbours. This might mean that your order will come to you in an old cereal or cat food box so be warned that it may not be the prettiest of parcels! 

If I don't have a box suitable, I have 100% paper padded envelopes which are plastic free and recyclable after use. If you open them carefully, you may also be able to reuse them too!

To keep your products safe in transit, I use brown paper/tissue paper void fill which is all reused from wholesale orders and is recyclable. All of this can keep being reused if you can find a use for it. There may be the odd occasion that I reuse some packaging peanuts from wholesale orders, but these are made of corn starch and can either be reused by you, or will dissolve in water.

With the gift boxes, I use new boxes made from recycled materials which are fully recyclable. These are filled with shredded brown paper to keep your gifts safe.

How will your order be secured?


I only ever use paper tape to secure your parcels which can be recycled with the rest of the packaging.

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