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From working up a sweat on the weekly shop to getting your steps in, smelling fresh shouldn’t mean more plastic. As mainstream deodorant companies continue to decorate their aluminium-based scents in plastic, I know how challenging it is to find an eco-friendly, cruelty-free version. This is why I've handpicked this list of plastic-free deodorants for you. Clean-smelling armpits and an even cleaner conscience! What does plastic-free deodorant mean? Plastic-free deodorant simply means deodorant that comes in plastic-free packaging. The product is instead contained in sustainable materials like cardboard tubes or glass jars, helping to reduce environmental waste. This eco-friendly alternative can come in the shape of a deodorant stick or a deodorant cream. No plastic, no problem! Why does it matter if deodorant is aluminium free? Aluminium in deodorants is primarily used to prevent sweating, which is a natural bodily function. Instead of blocking your pores with aluminium, these natural deodorants allow your body to sweat naturally, while still minimising odour. They're often gentler on sensitive skin too. Speaking of sensitive skin, The 'Gentle' range from The Natural Deo Co are perfect for those who need a gentle deodorant. This is because they are free from sodium bicarbonate which can cause a bit of a rash on sensitive underarms! What happens to your body when you switch to natural deodorant? Switching to a natural deodorant can be a breath of fresh air for your underarms! Free from harsh chemicals, they let your skin breathe. You might even find you're sweating less over time. Natural ingredients like shea butter and essential oils work to keep you smelling fresh and work alongside your body's natural processes. This makes them a healthier choice for both individuals and the environment. Yay! UK-made, natural and cruelty-free. Using organic ingredients and without testing on animals, these deodorants are designed to be gentle on the skin while providing effective odour protection. Ultimately, choosing a plastic-free deodorant means you're part of a movement. A movement that values sustainability, non-toxic living, and eco-friendly, natural deodorants that actually work. So, here's to sweating naturally, living responsibly, and smelling absolutely fabulous while doing it!

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