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Imagine your dream bathroom, perhaps with a rolltop bath or a waterfall shower. Now picture all those plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles stacked in the corner. It ruins the illusion, right? These plastic-free hair care products not only declutter the bathroom, but they are also better for the planet! Reducing the use of plastic is more than a trend, it's a lifestyle. It’s recognising the connection between our personal choices and the health of our earth. It's opting for sustainable alternatives such as zero-waste shampoo bars and plastic-free conditioners. It's respecting both your hair and the environment. What should you not put in your hair? It would be best if you tried to avoid products that are packed full of chemicals. These chemicals are parabens and/or SLS. Using these can strip your hair of its natural oils and sometimes cause longer-term damage. Instead, look to brands offering all-natural, cruelty-free alternatives that are gentle on your locks and the planet. Is it better to use silicone-free hair products? Yes, it's better to use silicone-free hair products. Silicone is a man-made, common ingredient in conventional hair care products and can weigh your hair down. This can make it appear greasy and lifeless. Let's not get started on the scalp irritation or dried, brittle strands. Choosing silicone-free hair products helps you put the environment (and your hair) first. How do you keep your hair soft naturally? It's actually easier than you might think. Choose hair care products rich in natural ingredients. Opt for conditioners packed with organic oils and herbs. These nutritional components can work wonders and leave hair feeling incredibly soft and healthy, all without the need for synthetic additives! Here's a little secret: The Soul & Soap solid shampoo bar range is among my favourite natural and plastic-free picks. There's no nervy transition phase with these bars, and they leave your hair feeling so refreshed, you might even skip conditioner! Of course, for those extra pampering sessions, the Friendly conditioner bar does wonders as a weekly hair treatment. From wavy to curly, or somewhere in between, there are eco-friendly alternatives available! I stock mainly natural/vegan hair and styling products that can cater to any hair type. Your hair will definitely thank you for it afterwards. Switching hair products may appear pointless to some, but these small changes can have a large effect on plastic waste production. As eco-friendly products have evolved, going plastic-free doesn't have to mean compromising quality. These natural-based products are designed to nourish your hair while keeping it clean and healthy. From shampoo and conditioner bars to plastic-free scrunchies. In this plastic-free journey, remember to enjoy each step. It's about exploring new options and discovering what works best for your hair type. It can be empowering to know that you are making a difference for yourself and for future generations on this planet. If you need any advice, please message me in the live chat or email me at eco-sal@outlook.com. I'm always happy to guide you on your path to plastic-free hair care!

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