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Did you know everyday household cleaning products can harm us and our pets? The dreaded housework has become a task that most of us tend to do on autopilot - we don't tend to think about the products we are using. It has become the norm to go on regular 'Hinch Hauls' at our favourite cheap shop without considering what damage these products might be doing. In reality, many of these products that contain a vast amount of unpronounceable chemicals can cause a wide range of issues for us and our planet. Using common brands that contain nasty chemicals can increase pollution inside your home, causing health issues. Switching to environmentally friendly cleaning products made from natural ingredients will prevent a build-up of volatile organic compounds in your home.​ As many cleaners go down the drain, these toxic chemicals also harm our environment. Many cleaners state on the packaging that they are unsafe for marine life. With that in mind, choosing eco-friendly cleaning products will reduce our impact on our precious ecosystems. Many mainstream brands use toxic ingredients such as synthetic fragrances, whereas natural cleaning solutions use plant-based essential oils for their beautiful smells and cleaning power. When switching to eco-friendly products, you must opt for high-quality, primarily natural, vegan and plastic-free products. That way, you can be sure that there will be no hidden nasty chemicals you usually find in commercial cleaning solutions. At Eco-Sal, we understand the need to use eco-friendly cleaning products in our homes and workplaces. If not for our health and well-being but for the sake of our wonderful planet. Discover our range of eco-cleaning products made with planet-friendly, cruelty-free ingredients and plastic-free packaging. Shop the selection of eco-friendly cleaning products such as cleaning pods refills, compostable sponges and natural latex rubber gloves. You can also shop your favourite eco-friendly cleaning brands such as Eco Living, Ocean Saver, MACK and many more

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