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Switching from bottles of shampoo to plastic-free bars can seem challenging. To help, I have carefully handpicked a selection of natural shampoo bars from UK brands such as Soul & Soap and Shower Blocks. Natural shampoo No transition period is needed as your hair adjusts to these natural ingredient based products. Not only is eco-shampoo kind to your hair, but it also embraces the environment! Even our dry shampoo is eco-friendly! These sustainable shampoo bars are crafted with natural materials and oils. They are free from SLS, SLES and parabens, ensuring a gentle experience for your skin and scalp. Keep in mind that due to this, these bars may not lather as much as conventional unnatural liquid shampoo… But don’t worry, they'll still create plenty of bubbles, even in hard water areas. By choosing eco-friendly shampoo alternatives from Eco-Sal, you avoid harsh chemicals like silicones commonly found in high-street shop shampoos. These chemicals create an illusion of soft and healthy hair, while nature shampoos bars nourish your locks without coating them in harmful substances. The result? Soft, beautiful, well-cared-for hair that you can feel good about. Not only do these bars last longer, you won't waste shampoo with spillages or leaks. With a bar you only use what you need! Eco-Friendly Packaging Packaged in recyclable cardboard boxes and compostable packets, our solid shampoo bars minimise waste and contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. Zero waste from start to finish! Do You Still Use a Conditioner with a Shampoo Bar? Yes, you can still use a conditioner with a shampoo bar. While some shampoo bars have conditioning ingredients, it's generally recommended to use a separate conditioner, especially if you have dry or damaged hair. Using a conditioner after washing your hair with a shampoo bar can help detangle, moisturise, and add shine to your hair. There are eco-friendly, plastic-free conditioner bars available that pair well with shampoo bars for a complete, sustainable hair care routine. For the busy mums that prefer an all-in-one time-saving shower, check out these 2-in-1 conditioner and shampoo bars from Shower Blocks. Using Natural Shampoo on Different Hair Types There's a perfect plastic-free shampoo bar for everyone, no matter what your hair type. From moisturising bars for dry scalps to tea tree-infused dandruff shampoos, our range covers it all. If you prefer liquid shampoo, our Milly & Sissy powdered shampoo offers a fantastic eco-friendly option. Simply add water to create a liquid shampoo, then decant it into your own reusable pump bottle - a brilliant way to repurpose an old plastic bottle and reduce waste. For those who wish to make a positive impact on our planet, It’s time to embrace eco-friendly hair care with our UK-made, handmade shampoo bars and conditioners. Our cruelty-free, waste-reducing, and vegan products cater to a wide range of hair needs, ensuring a guilt-free, enjoyable experience for super mums and eco-conscious consumers alike. Make the switch to plastic-free shampoo for a cleaner, greener hair care routine that benefits both you and our planet. Enjoy soft, healthy locks without the guilt of contributing to plastic waste, and discover the amazing benefits of eco-friendly shampoo bars for yourself.


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