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Have you ever stopped to wonder how our daily habits may contribute to the plastic that is swimming around in our oceans or buried in landfills?

Well, let me introduce you to an incredibly helpful tool - the Plastic Footprint Calculator.


What is a Plastic Footprint?

"Plastic footprint" - It doesn’t sound good right? It's the measure of how much plastic waste you personally contribute to the world, both within a year and across your lifetime.


It's not just about the plastic water bottles you forget to recycle, but also the unseen plastic - think packaging, clothing fibres, and even your toothbrush! Every piece counts!

Why use a Plastic Footprint Calculator?

The Plastic Footprint Calculator is like your personal guide through the plastic jungle. By factoring in variables like your daily habits and lifestyle, it churns out a shockingly precise estimate of your plastic consumption over a year and a lifetime.

Trust me, seeing your impact in numbers really hits home. 


How do I use the calculator?

Simply add in your daily, monthly or yearly use of each item and at the end the calculator adds up the weight of all the plastic you consume. Eco-Sal encourages you to do the best you can and make small changes where you can. 

I don’t expect you to be perfect! I’m certainly not!

Please don’t let the results get you down or upset you too much. Sometimes it's impossible to avoid plastic! 

Strategies for Reducing Your Plastic Footprint

Remember, it's not all doom and gloom. We're in this together. Here are some simple strategies to shrink that plastic footprint:

Become a mindful consumer - Pay attention to product packaging and opt for plastic-free alternatives.


  • Embrace reusables - Swap out single-use items like bags, bottles, and cutlery for reusable alternatives.

  • Recycle right - Not all plastics are created equal. Ensure you’re recycling the correct items in your area. Check out the different types of plastic you can recycle at your local Co-op here!

  • Buy in bulk - It cuts down on unnecessary plastic packaging.

  • Say no to plastic straws - The image of a turtle with a straw up its nose is impossible for me to forget. Try to use a paper straw or you can buy a reusable one here.


This Plastic Footprint Calculator is not just about the shock value; it's a tool for tracking progress. Small changes might seem like a drop in the ocean, but over a lifetime, they add up to a significant reduction.

The Bigger Picture

We also need to think beyond our personal lives. This calculator is not just for individuals but can be a tool for businesses and governments too, driving large-scale changes in our plastic-consuming ways. Because, let's be honest, most businesses aren’t doing enough right now. 


Confronting the plastic problem with the Plastic Footprint Calculator is a potentially uncomfortable, but necessary step towards healing our environment. As with any change, awareness is the first step.

So, I invite you to take some time out from your day, use the calculator, and open your eyes to your plastic impact. 

Share it with your family, social media, your friends, school mums and yes, even your frenemies. Together, let's turn the tide on plastic pollution. It starts with awareness and ends with action.


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