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Unfortunately, we can't eliminate every trace of single-use plastic in our homes; some elements are unavoidable. Even at the supermarket, choosing the mayo in a glass jar instead of the one in a plastic bottle, the jar lid still comes with plastic wrap, contributing to the global plastic pollution problem. This unavoidable plastic makes transforming our sanctuaries into eco-friendly, zero-waste homes challenging. Although there are single-use plastics we can't avoid, there are a significant number of things that we can change to work towards a sustainable lifestyle and an eco-friendly home. Natural products are made with ingredients like plant-based essential oils, but high-street cleaning products are usually made with plastic and synthetic additives that damage the environment. We must strive to fill our eco-friendly homes with sustainable household products that are plastic-free, natural, and vegan, made with you and our wonderful planet in mind. Did you know? Products made from plastic can take hundreds of years to biodegrade! If not disposed of correctly, when plastic eventually starts to break down, it does so into microplastics which quickly end up in waterways. This causes damage to aquatic life and eventually us. Opting for plastic-free, eco-friendly household products wherever possible helps reduce this environmental damage. At Eco-Sal, we understand the importance of change to be more eco-friendly, sustainable, and zero waste! That's why we stock a great selection of eco-friendly household products that are plastic-free, vegan, and biodegradable. Our range of eco-friendly cleaning products is essential when transforming your home. We have you covered with all our environmentally friendly products being hand-picked for their biodegradable, plastic-free, vegan, and ethical credentials! We proudly stock brands such as Simple Eco Living, Oceansaver, MACK, and many more! All our eco household products arrive in eco-friendly, sustainable, plastic-free packaging that is compostable, recyclable, or reusable. Everything is 100% cruelty-free and toxic chemical free! Shop eco household products for plastic-free living.

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