• Made of organic bamboo
  • 40% more absorbent than cotton and dries five times faster
  • Naturally bacteria-resistant and odour resistant
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Now available in different colours


Instructions: Just use in place of your normal dishcloth. To wash these bamboo dishcloths, just put them in the washing machine at 30 degrees Celsius.


Brand Story: These bamboo dishcloths are sourced from a UK company called Plastic Phobia who are carbon neutral. Their bamboo products are made in China out of bamboo mostly harvested from the factory’s local mountain. This mountain is protected by the state so the bamboo forest is maintained in a sustainable way. The factory’s meet local and national labour laws and so the manufacturing of their products boosts the local economy with local labour and local bamboo.

Bamboo Dishcloth

  • Bamboo dishcloths are an alternative to the common dishcloths used in the kitchen. From what I have seen on the high street, most dish cloths either come made of a cotton blend or microfiber which is made from polyester (plastic). Although these can be machine washed, I would advise not to as research has shown that this can release thousands of plastic micro fibers into the water.


    Bamboo is naturally antibacterial so they don't tend to smell anywhere near as quickly as normal dish cloths - I don't know about you, but I HATE the damp dishcloth smell. The main positive with these bamboo dish cloths is that they can be popped in the wash regularly to keep them fresh and clean, whilst knowing that they are made with natural bamboo so no micro fibers are being washed down the drain. 


    I used to get my dish cloths from Wilkinson's. A pack of 8 mixed fiber dish cloths are £2.00, making each dish cloth £0.25. These are nice and cheap so perfect for people who love a bargain, or don't like to spend too much on cleaning products. At £1.79 per bamboo dishcloth, this seems to be a lot more expensive, however I've found that they last longer, and it's worth it for me just to avoid that horrible damp dish cloth smell.

  • I started using these dish cloths over six months ago. I have had three on the go since then as I find rotating these seems to work best for me. One on the go, one in the wash and one that's there ready 'just-in-case'. They are over six months old and have been washed mutliple times and they are still in good condition so I think are well worth £1.49 each.


    My rating: 10/10



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