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6 Reasons Why You Should Invest In An Eco-Friendly Safety Razor

I know they look a bit like a medieval weapon and it can therefore be a bit scary starting to use one. But when you do, you will not look back and wish you'd done it sooner! Here are 6 reasons why eco-friendly safety razors are worth a try!

1) They’re cheaper in the long run!

A safety razor is designed to last a lifetime providing you look after it, so once you've bought the initial razor, you should never have to buy another razor again! A new blade costs around £0.80 which is a lot cheaper than having to buy a complete new disposable razor every few months.

2) The blades are made of metal and can be recycled

No plastic in sight! Just pop your used blades into a blade tin and ship them off to your local recycling centre.

3) You can use them anywhere on your body

With these eco-friendly safety razors, you’ll be able to shave any area with ease. Whether that's your legs, face, underarms or elsewhere. No more unwanted stubble!

4) They provide a smooth shave that is gentler on your skin

I actually find I get a smoother shave with my metal safety razor than I used to with a Venus razor! And because there is only one blade, it will generally cut the hair in one pass, without the need for a second pass of the blade meaning a gentler shave.

5) The selection available is unisex and massive!

There is such a massive range of safety razors available now - you can literally find one in all shapes, sizes, colours and materials so there is one to suit everyone!

6) The blades don’t need to be changed constantly

The blades in eco-friendly safety razors tend to need changing every 30 or so shaves. So how long a blade lasts will depend on how often you shave. But in comparison, Gillette recommend changing a normal razor blade every 7-14 shaves.

Has this converted you? If you haven’t yet made the switch to an eco-friendly safety razor, head to the link here to grab yours today!

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