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12 Best Plastic-Free Products for a Sustainable Lifestyle

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Do you think humans are doing enough to reduce their obsession with plastic? Maybe not yet, but the team at Biovate Hygienics has launched the world's first plastic-free paper bottles. Positive progress is being made in the world... finally. But this is just the beginning. As the 5th largest producer of single-use plastic, the UK must take some responsibility for the 75 to 199 million tons of plastic harming our oceans.

By making conscious decisions and switching to sustainable options, you can play a crucial role in protecting our oceans and the environment.

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What is a Plastic-Free Product?

A plastic-free product is designed and packaged without the use of plastic. Materials such as Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Polyvinyl Chloride to name a few.

Poly this, vinyl that. It can get quite overwhelming when science jargon gets thrown around. It's no wonder so many companies get away with greenwashing. Well, not Persil who had their adverts banned for claiming their plastic-packaged detergent was "kinder to the planet."

By choosing real eco-friendly products, consumers can avoid supporting misleading marketing practices. I've compiled a list of the 12 best plastic-free products from my favourite brands to help you on your journey towards a sustainable future:


Best Plastic-Free Laundry Detergent

single detergent strip next to simple living ecos cardboard packaging

These Eco Laundry Detergent Sheets are GREAT. They replace your typical plastic packaged detergent that would more than likely end up in landfills and oceans. Unlike large bottled detergents, these strips won’t leak all over your kitchen cupboard either! Top Tip: If you're unsure if strips are for you, try this sample pack out for size. PRICE WATCH: Subscribe and each wash becomes 1p cheaper than Ariel All In One Washing Pods. Bargain!


Best Plastic-Free Shower Gel

a pink bar of soap next to shower blocks plastic free packaging

Swap out your regular plastic-bottled shower gel for this solid shower gel. It's a zero-waste vegan option that smells FRESH. Not only is it kind to your skin, but there isn't a dry waxy feeling that you often get from other bars after a shower. From Coffee & Vanilla to Peppermint, each bar is hand-crafted by Neil at Shower Blocks.

His determination to improve the planet is admirable, just by choosing to use Shower Blocks for a year, you save 10-14 plastic bottles going to waste!


Best Plastic-Free Plasters

3 cardboard cylinders with the words patch bamboo bandages printed on

When your little one takes a tumble (again), fear not. This time that graze doesn't mean more plastic. Designed with our planet in mind. These natural bamboo plasters are incredible. They come in 3 designs natural, kids and aloe vera. All of which are hypoallergenic! After they have worked their magic, these chemical-free plasters can be popped into the compost. See for yourself by checking out the video below:

a video showing that by week 10 a bamboo patch plaster has fulled decomposed where as a plastic and fabric plaster hasnt.

Video credit: Nutricare


Best Plastic-Free Sponges

orange compostable sponge being squeezed

It can be confusing searching for an environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic sponges. You're in luck. These sponges are durable AND compostable. The perfect weapon of choice for the designated cleaner of the house.

EcoVibe has created this magical sponge with cellulose fibre derived from natural wood. No micro-plastics here.

One sponge can hold up to 10 times their weight in water, making them perfect for even the toughest of cleaning tasks.

Strong AND sustainable! Add this one to your cleaning routine today!


Best Plastic-Free Bleach

a brown packet with the words natural bleach printed on

The eco-cleaning revolution is in full swing. I can't recommend this Green Bleach enough to eco-conscious newbies.

Also known as oxygen bleach. The active ingredient sodium percarbonate is non-toxic and surprisingly powerful when it comes to cleaning.

I mean it when I say that the possibilities are endless. From removing stains on school shirts to giving the garden decking a new lease of life. This natural alternative to chlorine bleach truly is a game-changer.

Don't just take my word for it. Green Bleach also comes highly recommended by cleaning guru Nancy Birtwhistle!


Best Plastic-Free Hair Shampoo

A purple bar infront of soul and soaps plastic free packaging

Say goodbye to plastic bottles with this Soul and Soap shampoo bar. Although this bar is specifically designed to combat yellow, orange, and brassy shades, it's perfect for all hair types. You are left with luscious locks that feel clean and nourished without the guilt of a bottle. I'm in love with the Soul and Soap range and shampoo bars in general!

Soul & Soap is a small company based in Cornwall committed to improving ethical practices in the soap industry. They are currently working towards becoming entirely plastic-free across their online product range.


Best Plastic-Free Candle

Glass jar filled with white soy wax. A paper banner wraps round it and has a silhouette of a black bear with the words mama bear candle company

Wind down with budget-friendly soy wax

candles from The Mama Bear Candle Company. When it comes to blending natural vegan ingredients that smell unbelievable, Mama Bear smashes it.

The first time I lit this Rhubarb and Rose candle I went somewhere special. The pairing of rose petals and grounding woodland led me on a calming journey.

This peaceful experience is a stark contrast to the migraine I receive when I'm 6ft away from a paraffin-based Yankee candle!

Lovingly packaged in a 190ml glass jar with a metal lid which can easily be washed out and reused/recycled. Completely plastic-free.


Best Plastic-Free Toilet Cleaner

white box with macks logo on

I think this is the closest you will ever come to having fun whilst cleaning the toilet. MACK might have you dancing around your bathroom knowing that this eco-friendly cleaner is doing all the hard work for you.

This heroic cleaner transforms uric acid into ammonia and carbon dioxide that simply vanishes into thin air. MACK's fantastic formula clings to the toilet bowl and under the rim to clean those hidden spots you'd rather not think about!

MACK's fun-loving attitude means they don't take life too seriously. But when it comes to their plastic-free products and the environment, it's a different story. They're passionate about creating zero-waste cleaning solutions that positively impact the planet. It's a massive thumbs up from me!


Best Plastic-Free Sanitary Pads

a  yellow compostable box for sanitary pads with the &sisters logo on

Do you find yourself craving an alternative to chemical-heavy sanitary pads? If so, then check out &SISTERS!

It's rare to see pads which are – kind to your body, gentle on our planet, and supportive of our sisters. Featuring a Rib-Weave™ design for exceptional absorption and protective wings for a cosy, leak-free fit. Unlike other plastic-riddled pads that you find in the shop, these are 100% compostable! Less waste, more freedom.

&SISTERS is a UK brand based in London that was founded by a mother-daughter duo. They send 10% of their profits straight towards empowering women around the globe! Who knew period care could be this environmentally friendly and impactful?


Best Plastic-Free Bath Salts

a compostable packet with epsom salts in

Ready for a planet-friendly, self-care party in the tub? Imagine sinking into a warm bath after a long day, feeling your muscles relax and the stress of the day slip away. That's the magic of Eco Livings's 100% natural mineral salts!

These plastic-free Epsom Salts are fantastic for soothing tired and aching muscles. They're also great for helping you recover after a tough yoga session (or school run).

With 100% home compostable packaging, your self-care ritual won't harm the environment. Treat yourself!


Best Plastic-Free Toothpaste

cardboard box and glass jar full of toothpaste

Did you know that a whopping 300 million toothpaste tubes end up in UK landfills each year? Maybe it's time to welcome this plastic-free toothpaste from Georganics to your toothbrush!

This delightful, earth-friendly toothpaste transforms your dental care routine. It is also proof that you can have a gleaming smile without compromising the environment. With a delicious taste that's not too overpowering. It's subtle in flavour when compared to other natural toothpastes.

This fantastic toothpaste is suitable for all ages and also sports the PETA Cruelty-free and Vegan badges of honour. Mindfully presented in a 60ml eco-friendly glass container, featuring an aluminium cap. Even the box is biodegradable! Each jar should last a solo brusher for about 4 weeks when used twice daily.


Best Plastic-Free Deodorant

cardboard tube it deodorant stick inside

Created by Your Nature using skin-loving ingredients such as orange essential oil and patchouli.

This deodorant stick nourishes and protects your skin, whilst being free from nasties like aluminium and parabens.

Not only is Your Nature vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, but it also allows your skin to breathe naturally. It's a unisex product that is suitable for all genders. Moreover, Your Nature is committed to using recyclable packaging that is free of plastic.

Now you can have soft armpits with an even softer impact on the environment.


It's now easier to live sustainably with many great plastic-free products. We've shared 12 top choices that help the planet and actually work!

I provide these products in my plastic-free shop to help you make the earth greener and healthier. It's about making smart choices that positively affect our environment. The trusted brands and products in this article let you live a greener life with confidence. Happy plastic-free living!

P.S. If you are still transitioning to a plastic-free lifestyle, don't worry, it's a slow process and can take time. Meanwhile, it's important to know how to recycle your plastic ethically. Check out my post detailing the 30 Soft Plastics You Can Recycle At Co-Op.

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