This page showcases all of my favourite plastic free products that I have found on my own zero waste journey. 

It's amazing seeing how many UK brands there are coming up with new products to help with the many issues facing the planet, and I am coming across more and more brands, almost daily! It's really empowering after feeling like I was alone for so many years, seeing how many like-minded people there are.

My list of favourites is always growing as I discover more and more plastic free alternatives so expect this page to expand as time goes by.

Juicy Watermelon Shampoo Bars
Peppermint & Tea Tree Shampoo Bar
Wild Coconut Shampoo Bars
Jasmine Shampoo Bar
Pomegranate Shampoo Bar
Fresh Lemongrass Shampoo Bars
Tropical Mango Shampoo Bars

The BEST shampoo bars I have found...

...And believe me, I have tried a few! These Soul & Soap shampoo bars leave my curly and somewhat unruly hair lovely and soft without a conditioner which I used to not be able to live without when I used Tresemme. 

They work well in hard water areas, have no transition period and are all suitable for colour treated hair. Not only this, but they are free from SLS, SLES and parabens. What's not to like?

Each plastic free shampoo bar should last you a decent amount of time so don't let their size fool you. Hubby and me go through a bar every 3 months or so. Just make sure that you don't leave them sat around in water as they will slowly disappear.

Who else loves a good brew?

I CANNOT resist a good cuppa tea, however I hate knowing that most tea bags contain plastic! This fact encouraged the switch to loose leaf tea which I found tastes a lot better than the Yorkshire Tea I'm used to having. 

There are a few different options for loose leaf tea. Some people like to use a metal tea infuser, whilst others like me prefer to use the traditional tea bag route. These reusable plastic free tea bags are made from GOTS certified organic cotton, and are suitable for use in a cup or a teapot - perfect for home use or office use!

How to use: 

You just pop your loose tea straight into them and use as a normal teabag. Then just empty the leaves into your compost, wash them out and start again.​

Struggling to find a natural deodorant?

I was too. I tried a few different ones, including the 'Your Nature' ones (also available on the shop) which I initially thought was the one for me. They worked really well, and I felt confident! Unfortunately, I later found that I have very sensitive underarms and the sodium bicarbonate in them was causing a bit of a reaction, so I had to continue my search.

That's when I came across the Gentle Range from The Natural Deo Co. These are free from sodium bicarbonate, so all of the irritation problems that I had before went away. I love all of the fragrances, but I've got the say the unscented version surprised me! I never used to see the point of an unscented deodorant, but I actually think this one is my favourite! 

These plastic free deodorants work very well - I feel really confident when I wear these and my underarms have never been softer. The jar looks deceiving but actually lasts months! I've been using my current jar for 4 months now and it's got a few more uses left in it.


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