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Change The Way You Clean With These 6 Popular Environmentally-Friendly Cleaners

Our cleaning cupboards is one of the easiest areas to make changes to more eco-friendly and plastic free alternatives as most of the swaps involve little to no change of habit AND a lot of them even work better to the conventional cleaners were used to! Not only this, but some of them can actually save you money, so what's not to like? Here are 6 of the best environmentally-friendly cleaners to help you get started.

1) MACK Cleaning Biopods Instead of throwing away perfectly good cleaning bottles every time you run out, MACK have designed plastic-free refillable cleaning pods that allow you to reuse plastic bottles you already have. Not only do these help to reduce plastic waste, but they are also better for our health too!

They literally have a cleaning pod for everything - From anti-bacterial cleaners and floor cleaners, to drain unblockers and toilet descalers.

2) Citric Acid Citric Acid is an incredible cleaner. It sounds scary but all it is is an acid derived from lemon juice so it is completely natural. You can use this wonderful powder to descale coffee machines, kettles, cups, taps and shower heads and to remove limescale (including from your toilet). Unlike bleach, citric acid actually removes limescale instead of just staining it white. 3) Compostable Cleaning Sponges This for me was a super easy swap! Unlike the smelly plastic sponges I used to use, these compostable sponges can be sterilised in a few different ways, keeping them fresh and clean. You just keep reusing them, and then at the end of their life you just pop them in your home compost. They are super absorbent and are a fab alternative for cleaning kitchens and bathrooms. 4) Natural Latex Rubber Gloves Protect your hands when cleaning and washing up with these rubber gloves made from natural latex. They look exactly like the Marigold gloves that we're used to, and are around the same price too so win, win! The only difference is that they are made from natural latex instead of plastic which are compostable at the end of their life.

5) Marseille Soap This amazing multi-purpose soap has so many uses including lots of different uses for cleaning. Check out my blog post here which goes through 10 of the many uses!

6) Bicarbonate of Soda

An affordable all-purpose and natural cleaner - perfect for use as an all-purpose cleaner, limescale remover, laundry detergent, softener, air freshener and more. I personally love to use bicarbonate of soda for cleaning my white kitchen sink (it acts like one of those magic eraser sponges) and as a natural deodoriser for my carpets.

One of my favourite things about eco-friendly cleaners is that a lot of them can be used for lots of different purposes so you can get away with having a lot less in your cleaning cupboard! Not to mention the benefits to the environment and to our health too!

You can check out the whole range of eco-friendly cleaning products here.

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